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Invite: panel on policy, practice and impacts of open data - 16th July - New Delhi, India

ODDC parters in South Asia are hosting a public panel on the 16th July at New Delhi, India. Participation is open to all and free. Full details and information on how to secure a place are below.


Open Data - policy, practice and impacts: public panel


16th July 2013. 17:30 - 20:30.

Magnolia Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, 110003, India


In the last five years open data has moved from being a niche interest, to being a focus of global and national policy making. When data moves from being held inside organisations, to being shared with civil society, technology entrepreneurs, media and independent citizens, it’s potential to transform governance is unlocked. Yet, many questions remain about open data: How is data being used? Who benefits from open data? Does open data reach the grassroots? How does it relate to RTI? And how should government, civil society and the private sector respond to the growth of open data?


Join us for this international panel discussion to explore:

  1. Recent development in open data policy
  2. Emerging impacts of open data on governance
  3. The relationship of Open Data and the Right to Information


The session will start with an introduction to open data, followed by a panel discussion with guest speakers including:

  1. Michael Gurstein - Centre for Community Informatics Research, Development and Training Vancouver, Canada.
  2. Shailesh Gandhi - Right to Information Activist and former Information Commissioner, Central Information Office, New Delhi
  3. Nisha Thompson - Project Manager, India Water Portal, Arghyam
  4. Tim Davies - Research Coordinator, World Wide Web Foundation, Oxford UK.


You will also have a chance to hear from open data researchers working on projects across South and South East Asia.


The evening will end with a drinks reception.


Please RSVP to confirm you attendance by e-mail to: nidhis@teri.res.in




  1. 17:30 - 18:00: Introducing open data and the Open Data Research Network
  2. 18:00 - 19:30: Panel discussion on 'open data and developing countries'.
  3. 19:30 - 20:30: Networking reception with ODDC partners from India, Nepal, Indonesia, The Philippines and the UK.


This event is part of the Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries (ODDC) research programme, a global network of researchers working to explore the connections between open data and governance.