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Upcoming Web Meeting: Open Data, Public Records & Data Quality

Join us for the next ODDC Web Meeting on Open Data, Public Records & Data Quality on 27th November 2013.

Open Data, Public Records & Data Quality

Exploring the foundations of a data revolution


Web Meeting: 27th November 2013 - 12 noon GMT

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Calls for open data often assume that government data will provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of the situation in a country. Visions of data-driven journalism, or crowd-sourced scrutiny of government actions often rely upon there being reliable data that can be opened up. And theories of data-driven innovation are based heavily upon the role of the state as a unique source of timely and uniform data. But what happens when governments do not have the capacity to collect robust and uniform data? And what issues arise when the data that does exist is not backed by well-managed records?


This web meeting will explore issues of trustworthy recordkeeping and data quality in open data supply and use.


Data availability: evidence from the Open Data Barometer- Tim Davies, Web Foundation (5 mins)

Tim will present findings from the Open Data Barometer survey which looked at the availability of key datasets across 77 different countries.


Trustworthy Records and Open Data - Anne Thurston, International Records Management Trust (10 mins)

Anne will introduce the importance of records as a foundation for open data, and will highlight some of the challenges for open data projects to consider.


Data quality in an Indian City - Satyarupa Shekhar, Transparent Chennai (10 mins)

Satyarupa will share experiences of collecting and working with city data in Chennai, and of dealing with issues of data quality.


These short presentations will be followed by an open discussion, led by research partners from the Open Data in Developing Countries research network, exploring the implications of data quality and record keeping in open data work across the world.


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