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Open Data Research Team visits Bago City

March 7, 2014




Last March 7, the research team visited the Bago City Health Office (CHO). Bago City is a second-class city located 21 kilometers south of Bacolod City. The trip took one (1) hour by bus ride. This marked the team’s second visit after the previous visit for data gathering.


From last year’s data gathering activities, the team identified the Bago City Health Office as a best practice because of their processes for reporting, recording and early detection of outbreaks, enabled by their CDSS (Community-Based Disease Surveillance System). The team’s finding for Bago City as a best practice is further affirmed by the Central for Disease Control (CDC) visit last year. As shared by CHO, the CDC went to Bago City to learn how their CHO was able to curb the spread of the measles epidemic.

The primary purpose of the trip was to shoot videos to highlight MHCC practices on the ground. The team took videos of interviews and discussion of the CDSS and how they use it to generate graph reports and update their spot map. During the shoot, CHO showed the data capture forms and did a hands-on of their EpiInfo, the software for data entry and processing. The videos will be uploaded in the team’s Voices for Open Data PH YouTube channel and are part of the team’s goal to contribute to open data discussion via video content and social media.