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ODRT visits Barangay Tipanoy, Iligan City

March 21, 2014




Last March 21, ODRT visited Barangay Tipanoy Health Center in Iligan City. During the team’s data gathering last year, Barangay Tipanoy Health Center was identified as demonstrating best practices in terms of public health delivery to its local citizens as a result of interviewing its midwife, Mrs. Lucy Alimorin.




Mrs. Lucy Alimorin showed to the team her strategies on record keeping management and her communal garden. Her record keepings were exemplary and due to limited supplies of forms coming from DOH, she designed her own instead. Problems of the local citizens seeking public health in her center, such as incapability of buying prescribed vitamins and supplements for healthier pregnancy, were addressed by her communal garden. She doesn’t just provide the vegetables but also cook it for them. With these strategies, midwives from different health centers visit her to learn on her practices.

The primary purpose of the trip was to shoot videos to highlight MHCC best practices displayed by Barangay Tipanoy. The team took videos of interview with Mrs. Lucy Alimorin, how she implements her record keeping management, and was also managed to capture direct observation of a health seeker’s consultation with her. The videos will be uploaded in the team’s Voices for Open Data PH YouTube channel and are part of the team’s goal to contribute to open data discussion via video content and social media.