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OD 4 Transparency Project Selects 4 Partners

The Open Data for Transparency Project has selected four partners to work with in the upcoming months to promote fiscal transparency using open data in local communities and subnational contexts in the Philippines and Indonesia.  After the evaluation of proposals received, two organizations from Indonesia (Pattiro Surakarta and IDEA) and two organizaitons from the Philippines (E-Net and INCITEGov) were selected to work with Open Data Lab Jakarta to address a fiscal transparency issue using open data in the local context.

Pattiro Surakarta was established in 2000 has been working on budget transparency issues in Surakarta municipality more particularly in ensuring that budget data is provided to the public and in a format accessible to citizens.  In the OD4 Transparency project, Pattiro Surakarta will take this step forward by focusing on budget and spending data of village development fund.

IDEA in Jogjakarta was founded in 1995 to promote public policies that respect economic, social, and cultural rights through development planning and budget advocacy. While Indonesia has made significant progress in opening up democratic processes in the last decade, many marginalized or vulnerable communities have been left behind. IDEA gives a voice to these communities by empowering them to secure their rights through educational programs and advocacy training on national, regional, and local government budget policy.

E-NET Philippines is a network of more than 150 organizaitons working on education reform in the country.  One of its main advocacies is fistcal transparency and accountability through the Alternative Budget Initiative  and the proper utilisation of the Special Education Fund at the local level.  The primary aim of these advocacy is to increase budget allocation for education, institutionalize civil society participation in the education budget process and achieve transparency and accountability for public funds.  

INCITE Gov, or the International Center for Innovation, Transformation, and Excellence in Governance is a thinktank that works in the intersection of politics, governance, and development.  INCITEGov aims to develop and operationalise a policy agenda that links democratic politics, good governance, and development outcomes in critical reform areas.