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Mapping Open Data Intermediaries in Developing Countries - Session at ICEGOV 2014

The research team is organising a session at the Eighth International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV) to be held at Guimaraes, Portugal, during October 27-30, 2014.

The session will present findings on open data intermediary organisations from various studies of the “Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries” (ODDC) research network, and invite discussion on an ongoing synthesis report on typological mapping of such organisations. The presentations by three members of the ODDC network will focus on the roles, functions, motivations, backgrounds (technological, legal, sectoral, etc.) and experiences of open data intermediary organisations working with open data (and/or Government data), gathered from seventeen case studies carried out by researchers of the network.

As governments open up vast and complex datasets, the role and functions of open data intermediary organisations become ever more crucial in removing stumbling blocks from the path of extracting benefits from open data, both on the supply- and the demand-side. The session will create evidence-based discussion regarding existing and potential open data intermediary organisations in the developing countries, so as to inform international support and national policies.

The session aims at the following objectives:

  • To present the findings of the ODDC network about emerging open data intermediaries in developing countries;
  • To present and discuss an initial framework for typological mapping of these organisations;
  • To reconfigure and enrich the initial framework through responses and suggestions from the participants.

Further details about the session is available on ICEGOV website: http://icegov.org/sessions/mapping_oddc/.