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Research project: An Investigation of the use of the Online National Budget of Nigeria

Corruption and bad governance are major issues of concern to Nigerian citizens. Although Nigeria is yet to commence a formal move towards open data, or to launch an open data portal, budget data is increasingly available online, direct from government or through intermediaries. It’s not yet clear how aware the public are of this budget data, or how it affects budget governance. This study has employed a range of approaches, including analysing news media and interviews with key stakeholders, to determine how the public engage in the discussions of the national budget, their awareness of open data and its potential to drive good governance. The study also explores potential challenges to effective use of open budget data.

With support from the Open Data in Developing Countries project, the University of Ilorin has established an open data research group, and held an open budget data hack day, exploring with students the potential of open budget data.

Project updates

Unilorin Open Data Group Visits Abuja

Between 6th November 2013 and 8th November 2013, the Project Leader of the Unilorin Open Data Group, Dr. (Mrs.) Mejabi, and her Co – investigator , Dr Azeez, made a crucial research trip to Abuja, Nigeria Capital City, to seek and obtain formal approval from institutional stakeholders in the case study of their research.
The trip was, therefore a part of the preparations for the institutional survey and stake holders interviews, which are the major components of the group’s ODDC research case study.

Project Leader Makes Preliminary Visit to Abuja

The project leader of the Unilorin ODDC Team, Dr (Mrs) Mejabi, made a preliminary contact with Government instructions in Abuja, the Nigeraia capital city, in September 201tion3 to collect various publications that will provide rich background for the team's ODDC case study.
During the visit, the project Leader was able to collect such publications as the 2011 Freedom of Information Act and electronic data files of the National budget for 2009, 2011 and 2012.

Unilorin Open Data Research Group Commences Media Analysis

After thorough preliminary investigation on the nature and availability of the units of media to be analysed for its case study, Unilorin Open Data Research Group commenced Media Analysis, which is the core of the group’s ODDC case study. In August 2013, the group engaged one analyst to do the content Analysis, and in September, the group also engaged six analysts to begin a systematic content analyse of the six newspapers selected for the research and the content analysis of the online forums that discuss issues of the group’s case study (National Budget of Nigeria).

Unilorin ODDC Team Attends Lagos Hack Event

Unilorin ODDC team attended a ‘Follow the Data’ event on the extractive industry in Lagos Nigeria on the 13th and 14th May 2013.
The event was in form of Hack Competition among five teams that were drawn from various youth organizations and Civil Society Organizations. Unilorin ODDC team participated in the Hack Competition, although the team did not win the competition. The team members made a lot of contacts that are key to our research. The team also used the opportunity of the event to collect preliminary data, particularly form Bud-git Nigeria.