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Budget Badger App Holds Promise for Budget Monitoring

Budget Badger, the winning application of the recently conducted hackathon in the Philippines that the Philippine government sponsored last year was presented to the public in the second day of the Good Governance Summit held at the Philippine International Convention Center last January 15-17, 2014.

The application, which allows the creative presentation of the national budget as well as tracking where different projects are located, was developed by the By Implication team, a software development company which also developed the attendance tracker of members of the house of representatives last year.  Mr. Philip Cheang, the team lead, presented the application to the public (see inset picture).

The Open LGU team is currently discussing with the By Implication team to see how this initiative can be localized in the three provinces where the Open LGU Research project is implemented. The Open LGU Research Project team sees the opportunity of the application to instigate use and demand of data in local government units, more particularly in monitoring government funds and projects.  As Budget Badger has the capacity to allow citizens to actually monitor government projects, the Open LGU sees in the application a good opportunity to discuss open data in a more pragmatic manner among local government unit constituents.