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Open Government Data in Rio de Janeiro City

TitleOpen Government Data in Rio de Janeiro City
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMatheus, Ricardo, and Ribeiro Manuella Maia
Date Published09/2014

Recent developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have enabled the dissemination of large amounts of government raw data. The initiatives where governments released data in reusable formats that can be freely used for multiple purposes have been known as Open Government Data (OGD) initiatives. They have the potential of increasing transparency, promoting citizen control of public organizations, government innovation and enhancing public accountability.

While much of the focus on OGD has been given to countries through their national policies, cities are becoming crucially important. Some municipalities in Latin American, (where 84% of the population live in urban areas), have started to implement OGD policies, although with a certain degree of variation in design and implementation. Focusing on this underexplored area, this project aims to explain how OGD policies have emerged in a Latin American city, and to assess the impacts these policies are producing on local civil society and private sectors, looking in particular at how they have been using OGD for social accountability, transparency and public/private innovation.

This case study of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will examine the challenges for local public sector organization in terms of agenda setting, formulation of public policy, implementation and evaluation channels/models. It is designed around six sections related to:

1.    Emergence;
2.    Policy Design;
3.    Supply and Information Resources;
4.    Users;
5.    Impacts; and,
6.    Final Considerations.