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Ground Up Open Data Intermediaries - Session Report

Report CoverAt the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin (July 2014) members of the ODDC project organised an interactive session on the topic of 'Ground Up Open Data Intermediaries'. The report from this session is available to download here, and is summarised below:

Session overview

This was a participatory and interactive session, with categories, roles and other questions relating to intermediaries developed with the session participants, and feeding into a shared mapping exercise.

After opening remarks by the moderator, an operative definition of an intermediary was put forward as a basis for discussion. This was elaborated on through three presentations from ODDC case study partners: The University of Cape Town (UCT), South Africa, University of Ilorin (Nigeria) and Transparent Chennai (India). Each presentation explored the type of intermediaries found their respective research, and presented then initiated the process of categorising data providers, intermediaries and user into different groups my mapping those they mentioned in their research onto shared flip-charts.

Session participants were then invited to think about, and map on the same flip-charts, intermediaries from the different contexts they work in, and to also map out data providers and users related to these.

This was followed by the moderator summing up the different categories of suppliers and intermediaries that emerged out of the exercise and selecting a number of categories of intermediary to discuss in the next section of the session, focussing on incentives for engagement, the respective roles of intermediaries, and the challenges they face. The key intermediaries that were picked were:

  • Government;
  • Community based Organisations(CBOs);
  • Media;
  • Entrepreneurs/Private business. ;

Workshop participants were then invited to group around one of the categories and to hold a a 15 minute discussion on this kind of intermediary. These discussions were then reported back to the plenary and summed up by the moderator.


For outcomes from the session please read the attached report.