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Writing Up

The workshops have been designed and run in two continents, the outputs (notes, data sheets and recordings) reviewed and now we are at the stage of exploring our results and establishing the best ways of measuring the data characteristics.

One of the challenges of working this way is that we are not necessarily expert in all (or perhaps any) of the metrics emerged by our participants, and each of the 5 areas needs substantial investigation to understand what work has been done in which area, and in which disciplines. We are also knee deep in understanding what makes a good metric, whatever it is measuring.  There is also a certain amount of work around what metrics we can evolve and objectively test, and those metrics which would need to be applied subjectively in the actual moment of use.

However, when it all seems too much, we are reminded that this does need addressing by the fact that only one of the 5 areas is already associated with a solid  - and in this case, very well-known – measure of data ‘goodness’.  Other good assessments can only be made automatically on Linked Open Data, and that does not apply here. So this really is an area that requires this work, however challenging it may be at times!