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ODDC Methods

The Exploring the Emerging Impacts of Open Data in Developing Countries (ODDC) project is working to develop a shared toolkit of research methods that can be used in understanding the nature, use and emerging impacts of open data in a range of different country and governance contexts around the world. 

Over the coming months we will add to this page details of the different research tools we are developing. Most of the tools shared below are currently drafts. Many are hosted on Google Docs where comments are enabled, allowing you to add your thoughts and feedback to the draft tools. 

ODDC Research Framework and Methods

Context questions & timeline

Using the six dimensions of open data model, we have prepared a detailed context questionnaire that highlights important factors to consider in assessing the dynamics of an open data initiative. This is split into three sections:

  • Describing the open data initiative - simple categories used to describe the nature of the open data initiative: highlighting that initiatives may exist at a number of levels (global, national, local) and with a range of different kinds of focus (organisational, sectoral, geographic)
  • Initiative timeline - a framework for thinking about key events leading up to and shaping the open data initiative; supporting cross-country comparisons;
  • Context questions - asking about the 'political, organisation, legal, technical, social and economic context' of an open data initiative.

A working draft of the document can be found here

Stakeholder mapping tools

We have created a stakeholder mapping workshop guide.

10-point open data checklist

The Assessing Open Data Supply framework presents clear definitions of open data, and breaks down to the assessment of open data supply into 10 yes/no questions. 

ODDC network members are working on more detailed dataset quality assessment tools for particular kinds of data.

Follow the data

We are developing a methdology for interviewing data users about their data demand and data use. A draft tool is under development. 

Media monitoring

A number of ODDC parters are using media-monitoring approaches to identify where open data has led to mainstream media coverage. 

A draft list of variables captured in this work is found here, and further work on these methods is underway. 

Most significant change

We have discussed using the Most Significant Change technique to locate stories of emerging open data impacts. There is more detail on the Most Significant Change technique here.