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Research project: Open Government in the Philippines: exploring the role of open government data and the use of new technologies in the delivery of public services

As part of the Open Government Partnership, the Philippines have initiated programs on anti-corruption, accountability, participation, and empowerment of the poor. Moves towards greater transparency and openness present an opportunity for government to act as a co-innovator with citizens, harnessing new technologies and Open Government Data (OGD) to support more meaningful participation and collaboration. However, such initiatives are not without their share of challenges and difficulty. This project has examined the OGD practices and needs of selected health and economic programs in the Philippines. Through qualitative case studies, it has looked in particular on the localization efforts of these programs and how government’s boundary partners engage in use of OGD. By looking at the technologies in use to deliver OGD, and identifying current gaps in current OGD use practices, the study is developing Management Information Systems (MIS) implementation guidelines that can that can assist local health and government units in developing OGD initiatives.

Project updates

Project Dissemination at West Visayas State University, Iloilo City

June 19, 2014

On June 19, 2014, the ODRT went to West Visayas State University (WVSU) in La Paz, Iloilo City to conduct the project's dissemination event. The team presented the project's output and possible collaboration on Disaster Risk Reduction Management using e-Participation and Open Data in Maternal Health and Child Care to the university's faculties and administration (Dr. Joel T. De Castro, Ms. Ma. Luche Sabayle, Ms. Ma. Beth Concepcion, Dr. Rodel Dosano, and Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo among others).

ODRT Write Shop

May 10-11, 2014

The ODRT went to Wilson's Tagaytay last May 10-11, 2014 to conduct a write shop. The objective of the write shop is to be able to discuss the outline and content of the research project deliverables.

Open Data Research Team conducts Iloilo City FGD sessions for MHCC and MSME

April 25, 2014

Last April 25, the ODRT conducted 2 Focus Group Discussion (FGD) sessions for MSME and MHCC held at Amigo Terrace Hotel in Iloilo City. The MHCC FGD session was conducted in the morning with 7 participants from Pavia Municipal Health Office, Provincial Health Office Iloilo, and Central Philippine University – Department of Nursing. The MSME FGD session was conducted in the afternoon with 1 participant coming from the Iloilo Business Club.

Open Data Research Team conducts Iligan City FGD sessions for MSME and MHCC

March 20, 2014

Last March 20, the ODRT conducted 2 Focus Group Discussion (FGD) sessions for MSME and MHCC held at Aruma Coffee Lounge in Iligan City. The MSME FGD session was conducted in the morning with 7 participants from Pailig Development Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, and Committee on Trade, Commerce, and Industry.

"Voices for Open Data": Department of Budget and Management (DBM)

February 20, 2014

Manila, Philippines - ODRT interviewed Department of Budget and Management's (DBM) Undersecretary Richard Moya and the Open Data Task Force as succeeding steps on developing the "Voices for Open Data" Advocacy Campaign. The team were able to obtain valuable information on DBM's thoughts on Open Data in the Philippines.

Potentials for Open Data in Disaster Risk Reduction

February 4, 2014

Quezon City, Philippines - Upon the invitation of the Civil Executive Service Board (CESB), Dr. Sherwin Ona gave a presentation on the potentials of open data in disaster risk reduction management last Feb. 04, 2014 at the Microtel Libis, Quezon City. Entitled, “Potential of Open Data in Community DRR”, the presentation focused on possible data sets that can be used for community and LGU-level disaster preparedness. Also included in the event were presentations from Dr. Emmanuel Lallana of Ideacorp and Mr. Alexander Arevalo, from the Supreme Court of the Philippines. Dr. Lallana gave a short lecture on the use of computer simulation and its possible use of open data while Mr. Arevalo gave a talk on institutional level disaster leadership.