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Research project: Exploring the use and impacts of open budget and aid data in Nepal

It is widely believed that greater openness in many areas of public life, including around both budgets and aid, leads to a number of positive development outcomes, including greater participation, greater government accountability and a lowering of corruption. This project will test these assumptions in the context of Nepal by providing empirical evidence of the types of budget and aid information that are, and are not, available, and by testing the extent to which relevant stakeholders use, and are able to use, the information that is available to deliver development outcomes, and their interest in receiving additional information in these areas.

Using this empirical research, the project will propose improvements in the types of budget and aid information that are made available, as well as the ways in which this information is disseminated and presented to stakeholders. It will also identify capacity weaknesses on the part of relevant stakeholders to be able to use these types of information to achieve the outcomes of participation, accountability and lowering corruption.

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