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Research project: Opening the Cities: Open Government Data in Local Governments of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

While much of the focus on open government data (OGD) has been given on country level initiatives, cities are becoming crucially important. Some Latin American municipalities, where 84% of people live, have started to implement OGD policies, with noticeable variation between them in design and implementation. Taking a comparative perspective, this project explores how OGD policies emerged in and looks at the impacts these policies are producing on local civil society and private sector actors (focusing on how OGD resources have been used for social accountability, transparency and public/private innovation). The project examines the challenges for local public sector organization in terms of publishing data according to open standards, as well as the drivers for demand of public information in four important cities in the Southern Cone of Latin America; Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).




Presentation Research Poster- Opening the Cities: Open Government Data in Local Governments  of Argentina, Brazil And Uruguay (2104) S. Fumega; R. Matheus; F. Scrollini; J.Carlos Vaz; M.Maia Ribeiro (Download)
Report Open Cities: The case of Montevideo (2014) F. Scrolini (Download)
Report Open Government Data in Rio de Janeiro City (2014) R. Matheus; M.Maia Ribeiro (Download)

Project updates

Legislative Branch and Open Data: the Case of São Paulo City Council

São Paulo City Council innovated in 2011 when initiated one of the first open data policies in Brazil. The City Council Open Data Portal[1] was launched before the federal government Dados.Gov[2] (Brazilian version of national open data portal). While the legislative Portal was launched on September 2011, the federal government version was presented on June 2012.

Opening the Cities: The Case Of The City Of Buenos Aires And Some Other General Reflections On Open Government Data Initiatives

Over the past two decades the way in which individuals access government information has changed. The principles behind Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation and Open Government Data (OGD) initiatives are similar, however the tools and the formats in which that information is published have varied. Open Government Data initiatives introduce a new way to access and use the data produced and held by governments.