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Research project: User centered methods for measuring the value of open data

Project updates

Writing Up

The workshops have been designed and run in two continents, the outputs (notes, data sheets and recordings) reviewed and now we are at the stage of exploring our results and establishing the best ways of measuring the data characteristics.

The First Workshop in Ahmedabad

Today we carried out Workshop 1, identifying organisations’ problems and information that might help resolve them, with a group in Ahmedabad. Our participants came from groups addressing homelessness and housing issues and work with slum dwellers, homeless migrants and the deprived in organizational, advocacy and support ways. Our participants were very data-literate and data-conscious, perhaps even more so than our UK ones, and that brought its own challenges for our methodology, as they were already thinking about what information they might need before we’d specified the problem.

Our Second Workshop

We completed our second workshop on Wednesday (21st) as planned. It was another fascinating and very instructive event – very largely down to the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of the attendees. We learned some very important things about how useful open data could be and also became very aware of the issues in making it a realistic tool in widespread use.

Using Open Data to Help Winchester Homeless Support Organisations

As open data enthusiasts, it is tempting to concentrate on data and applications which we think are interesting or useful.  But if the kind of open data provided by the Hampshire Hub is going to make a big difference to the local community then it has to have a much broader appeal.  It needs to be providing real value to organisations who have to deal with core issues in the local community and who may have little interest in the Hampshire Hub,  Open Data or even the Web. We need to see open data from their point of view.